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I think the mind-body “split” (I agree that there isn’t one) is perpetuated by the addiction to our story of cultural and tech supremacy. It’s the story that we progressed past all the “superstitions” of the past, that we replaced the beliefs of cultures we dominated with our superior ones...without really looking to see if some of those framings of reality might perceive a thing or two we missed.

A practitioner I worked with pointed out that my chronic illness was protecting me by allowing me to say “no”. For all the misery and lost opportunities my illness created, I had to sit with the thought that maybe there was something deeper going on, maybe there are desires and protections at multiple levels of myself that I don’t consciously control, and my body will protect me in the best way it knows how. Our systems are amazing, mysterious and have a primal-intelligence that I’ve found can’t really be controlled, but can be danced-with 😄

Really enjoyed this article, Mo. I have definitely been shifting my perspective of our bodies to ecosystemic things vs isolated silos. Frankly it just makes a ton more sense!

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We must be on the same wavelength this month! I just finished reading The Sleeping Beauties (which I believe you recommended to me last year) and have been thinking a lot about psychogenic and functional disorders, in me and around me. When you think about it, the idea that we even *could* separate mind and body is kind of insane. It doesn't seem surprising that we're struggling so much on so many levels lately. Thank you for sharing your insights! xo

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